Terracotta Roofing Tile - A Blend of Artistic Style and Uniqueness

Gaining fast popularity among the homeowners the Terracotta is being  top recommended Roofing tile for style and versatility. Terracotta is nevertheless a beneficial material which possesses properties making it more prominent than others, though it is said to be quite sumptuous.   Terracon has been a trusted trademark in manufacturing  top quality  terracotta tiles, offered at an affordable price. Fading of tiles is the biggest problem that boils down to maintenance cost.  Terracotta Tile  has been a boon from Mother Nature as it does not lose its color for decades and goes a long run. These tiles are naturally red in its look additionally can be customized to user’s requisite. Since it is natural clay, it does not spread any inimical gas and is withal fire resistant. Terracotta roofing tile can gain an utmost advantage when used at high peak. Terracotta tile brings in more realism not just as being durable but an ideal tile for roofing. Using these tiles


Kudos! To those who love contemporary style of living.

Eurocotto’s tiles can be considered as one of the most adorable material for building your dream living space.

Today we speak about these top trendy tiles that make your home delightful.

1] Eurocotta Earthen Tiles

It is a premium quality tile that would be a great option for having long lasting antique look with a touch of modern form.
A perfect blend of two different color variants would add on to its contemporary vision.
Above all we should not forget to opt for an Anti skid tile.

2] Eurocotto Wall Tiles

It is not always the fancy walls that make everyone stare at, but even a simple wall with an appealing look can pull people’s interest.
Wall is not just an object but an expression of every individual who dream to lean on it.
This tile would definitely satisfy the need for a natural brick effect while throwing a matt finish on the wall.

3] Eurocotto Step Tiles

Stairs may not be the priority for many of you.
That’s the biggest mistake people often end up doing. It might not be the first priority but certainly not the least one to be considered.
Along with style, safety is also a major aspect for which Eurocotta tiles guarantee for, while providing long life and high thermal insulation.


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Terracotta Roofing Tile - A Blend of Artistic Style and Uniqueness